Indian Summers and Spring Weddings

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We often talk about having a wonderful Indian Summer as we approach autumn, but so far over the past few years it never materialises.  Finally with temperatures reaching a huge 28 degrees this week, we finally have one last shot of getting out and enjoying the sunshine.  Its even more spectacular if your getting married this weekend…  the forecast for the first weekend of October is absolutely glorious!!

This also proves the point that whenever you are thinking of getting married, the one thing you can’t depend on is the weather.  Yes it might be more likely to be sunny in August, but this year has shown that early spring is definitely the best time to get married… think Royal Wedding! The month of April, not only this year, but the past few years has been full of sunshine, blue skies and warm spring evenings, with a sea of spring flowers on the ground in rich yellows and whites.  It also gives you the opportunity to get the wedding season going, by perhaps being the first in your group to get married that year!  The pressure is off and you can enjoy everyone else’s wedding later through the season without the fear of the speech or those first few steps into church!

It is sometimes a misconception that you can only have a marquee wedding in the summer, and many people therefore disregard the out of season months.   However, some of our most unique and glorious marquee weddings have been either in December, February, March or April.  During those winter months we can really showcase stunning linings and create an area of warmth and atmosphere to a day which could be frosty and damp outside.  We have even put marquees up in the snow, which looks very special, though this definitely isn’t something you can plan!  Going into early spring, it must be something that in the air at that time of year, as it always has a special sort of excitement and wonder, probably due to knowing that summer isn’t that far away!!

If you are keen to think about a wedding marquee out of the traditional months, do get in touch.  We can guide you through the images of previous work and give you some great ideas for this time of year.

Enjoy the SUN!!!

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